Opening Night for The World Over at Edinburgh Fringe!

I was very excited to be informed that I had two tickets waiting for me at the Northbridge box office for The World Over. Partly because just going to an opening night is amazing! A little because my own artwork would be hanging as a backdrop. A smidgen.. who I am kidding… a whopping huge amount, because it’s the bl**dy FRINGE!

Arriving to collect tickets in the cool night-time breeze I was ready, if a little sleepy, for some adventurous theatre. What I wasn’t expecting, despite knowing the producer and some of the cast and helping design publicity, was the laughter that poured forth from us, the audience, for most of the show. There were of course touching, horrific, and powerful moments, but there were also some great lines, and better actors that really helped us enjoy the epic that is Adam’s story of The World Over.

I have to say that two of the cast stood out above the rest (which was hard considering that they were all very good):

Simon Lamb with expressions, stares and voices for each amusing character he took on, reached into our bellies and pulled the laughter out of us. Whether it was the amusing weaponry of a ukulele, or his storytelling wit-full growlings, or his manly squeak at being (fake) hit in the groin, it kept the story moving marvellously and Shakespeare’s own personal clown couldn’t have done better!

In contrast, the pain, sorrow and emotion was beautifully molded by Rachel Tam. Her ability to make us understand the abuse of a princess, her hidden shame, her madness and anger at Adam after pushing herself through the tundra. All was accepted within a word of her lines. She was hugely relatable and yet managed to bring a strength to a character which otherwise could have been considered weak. Also, however drugged-up the character, she can be darn sexy! Just sayin’.

Despite the heat within the theatre, I enjoyed every moment and hope that many more do too. Performing from now until the 25th August at theSpace on Northbridge (venue 36) it is well worth a late night wander, and will add a little more adventure into your life.

Congratulations to all involved!

For more information go to: The World Over Website
or the Official Fringe Website: The World Over

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  1. Cole Matson says:

    Thanks for coming, Elle! Do you have any other photos we could use?

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