M Stands For Mummy; The Critic Reviews Skyfall

Popular films/big releases make people act crazy, and if they’re not being crazy they are just mean. It’s mainly cinema staff who are mean. Mean rules, drunk with power, lack of people skills, queues that would make even the most reserved British man proud, and then the odd group who will sit on the floor waiting for 40mins, only to leave and give up 5 minutes before being let in; crazy I tell you. Then you sit listening to S Club Juniors songs before the bloody film even starts! And I’m allowed to say bloody because its a Bond film – licence to kill and everything.

One last thing: Bond has sold it’s soul to the market. We went past 10 Bond-themed adverts within 10 minutes. That’s overkill if you’ll excuse the pun.
But down to the movie: the locations are breathtaking – Istanbul, with rides over the tiles and into the Grand Bazaar is now something I want to do. Followed by the trailer scene of the train going over the bridge, merging beautifully into Adele’s gorgeous voice and normal Bond-style psychedelic credits. The fact that they then end up (eventually) in Scotland just warmed my heart. With the classic highland roughness, and the smooth Aston Martin, the humour just tipped this into being a great film and one I may end up buying.I’m still not sure I liked finding out that much about Bond – still feels a bit… Jeremy Kyle to go digging into his past to find trauma, but the obvious connection between Bond and M both made up for it, and made it strange. Dame Judi Dench was amazing as ever, but I think there could’ve been a little bit more given to the dark side of her lying about Bond’s state, especially in relation to mister bad guy who I’ve already forgotten the name of. The explosions were well timed and the effects were spectacular, even the women stood up to the expectation! And that’s from me *shock horror*!

As a last point, I would say that I found it highly amusing that Daniel Craig originally refused to strip out of his underwear for the shower scene, but a certain naked Bond-girl convinced him into it. Can’t imagine why *sarcasm* but I bet it’ll be on her resume in years to come.
A must see, even if you’re not a fan of the last two, this bring the tongue in cheek/tongue in mouth/tongue in Martini humour back to just the right level. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Rating: 4/5


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