Sitara Fashion Show: A Origami Design Plan

April 21st in Younger Hall

The Sitara Fashion Show is possibly one of the most creative events of the year in the St Andrews student bubble. Full of music, design, and tongue in cheek humour, Sitara is this year planning a fusion of Eastern and Western styles and art forms. Gillian Gamble, a good friend and amazing photographer, has been involved for the past few years, and this year brought me onboard to collaborate with plans to create fashion photography using origami

I have been interested in origami for a number of years, and more recently used it to make the flowers used in my wedding bouquets (on the right). Even more recently I have been inspired by artists such as By Charlie’s Hand and Rob Ryan to dabble into papercutting. By combining these and looking at the Chinese Year of the Dragon I am really excited to be working with Gillian and a host of gorgeous models to create fashion.

All photos copyright belongs to Gillian Gamble.

After a long meeting we had planned out both the designs for photos taken last week by Gillian, but also plans for the paperwork which should be completed in the next few weeks. We’ll be looking at the masculinity and power shown through the dragon, the delicacy of plum blossoms, the lace effects and flow of paper, the sharpness of origami shapes, and the beautiful colour of clean fresh paper.

Here is just a small taster of ideas we’ve got. Watch this space.


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