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It’s been a good month for artwork so far so I thought I would show you a few pieces and tell you my inspiration behind them.
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 This commission for Families First was humbling as they are a great charity
who do great things for a lot of people. The aim was to base the image around
their own logo and add something. I went with bunting because of its cute
simplicity and the fact I could easily customise it. Each one of the triangles
making up the bunting was painted individually using watercolour, and then
fineliner created the letters spelling out “Thank You”.

The second commission was a card in the same style as previous Tardis cards. this one was different in that the background was black card, with a double-layered papercut Tardis
attached on top, and the letters and stars cut out to reveal the coloured paper beneath. I
really like how it came out and it was refreshing to have something that wouldn’t tear under pressure. I feel I am getting better at letters and the card definitely helped, making this one of my favourite papercuts so far.

 Third commission of the month was this birthday card I was honoured to
make for a Welsh Grandad. It took a little more research to design this: the
writing says “Pen-blwydd Hapus Tadeu!” or “Happy Birthday Grandfather!”,
the design in the bottom right corner is that of the Welsh Rugby Union, and
on the back was a Welsh dragon detail. The design of the rugby ball was
inspired by celtic designs and the dragon added just for fun. The multiple
layers really allowed me to get some depth and colour onto this and I really
enjoyed designing and making it. I can only hope the man it’s meant for likes
it too.

 It has long been a plan to firstly, use a photo or patterned paper beneath a
papercut, and secondly to make something for a good friend who inspired the
idea. I wanted something that would make her feel good as she is a
wonderful, beautiful person, and so Be.You.tiful seemed about right. This was
designed, papercut and then outlined in black pen to help it stand out.

 This is another favourite of mine and a piece that came out of a kind of accident. The
image, being printed onto cardboard, allowed me to cut the image and peel off the picture to
leave the cardboard showing through beneath. Once I realised this I decided to try lettering
and images, and this was the result. It is now something I hope to do more of and copy into
prints to be sold.

 This painting, on brown paper, is very personal to me because it is my visualisation
of the baby I lost. As the experience was around Easter the name I found was
Paschal, and that, in my crazy little brain, connected with chameleons because of
Pascal from Tangled and because the shape of chameleons remind me of a very early
foetus. I felt I need something to visualise, and a name to mourn rather than “it” so
this was an exercise in allowing myself to grieve. I really like the result and it will be
staying with me for good.

If you want to commission a piece, just get in touch!

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