Piece of Mind: Mental Wealth Bursts the Bubble

So we got there! After finally finishing my painting (it went right done to the line) and then getting stuck unable to deliver it, I finally got both my large and small paintings into the exhibition. Then it was all a matter of waiting.

Piece of Mind Exhibition
Assorted images on display.

I arrived at the exhibition expecting a small room with a few pieces done by students known by Mental Wealth, however, I walked into a room shining with colour and texture and people! On every wall there were paintings; there was a table holding sculpture, crochet, life-drawing and sketchbooks; volunteers were serving drinks and nibbles to the observers in the room, and three large triangular shapes held more images filling the centre of the room with people moving around them slowly. The atmosphere was great, people were chilled and talking. This is something I really enjoyed as I’ve often been to exhibitions that, like large old high class museums, make you feel like the librarian-style-curator will “shhh!” you if you speak too loudly or enjoy yourself too much. Instead I heard laughter and chatter, and yet there was still the space to quietly view the pieces and think about what the artist may be trying to communicate through it.

There were some beautiful pieces. The range was amazing and stretched from textiles to pencil to paint and mixed media. Some I could feel something towards and other were uncomfortable and challenging. Hubby and I had an interesting conversation about artwork when he picked one piece out as something he would be happy viewing again and again being on a wall at home. The piece was not at all what I thought he would pick. It was a sheet of paper which someone had written their thoughts on, overlapping the lines once she ran out of space so eventually the lines were a blur of gray writing turns scrawls. I liked it for its communication of a situation but I didn’t necessarily think it was beautiful. He did.

“When I couldn’t sleep one night I wrote all the things that were on my mind overlapping on top of each other.” Kirsty

On the other hand a piece I did think held a lot of aesthetic appeal hubby just didn’t understand the point of. I liked the curve of it, the detail added with coins and sparkle, and although I couldn’t quite figure it out, the mystery made it interesting. In the same way a piece from Art Angel (do check out their website – they are awesome!) which included two trees with floating golden orbs was something that caught my eye immediately and I really liked. Hubby didn’t get it and couldn’t see how it fitted in with the rest of the exhibition.


As I’ve already said, there was a huge amount of diversity in the pieces on show and I was really grateful to be a part of it. Hopefully it will have burst the bubble of mental health and more people will be able to talk about it, share what’s going on and help eachother through. That was always the aim and the reason for writing my series on depression. If you want to read my article on Piece of Mind on The Tribe Online, click here: Mental Wealth Bursts the Bubble.

Here are some more picture I took of the evening. Enjoy!


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[I have attempted to give credit to pieces but unfortunately did not have all the names and the picture unfortunately didn’t catch them. If you want to claim credit please get in touch!]

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