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Patronage is a strange thing in our modern world, but it’s a remarkably beautiful thing. It allows those with an idea or skill to work on it despite the not-immediate profit available or funds available.

Once upon a time the wealthy may have simple flung coins out of their properties for their dependants to scrape together, or better commissioned paintings and pieces of work to publicise and support the ongoing work of a creative. Nowadays there is far less of that and artists, musicians, and writers often find themselves desperately trying to promote themselves whilst holding down a job on the side, their families neglected, as well as actually getting on with the work they love.

Our society is not set up for those who reach for the stars whilst sitting in the gutter. Maybe one day it will be, but not right now.

So, after some encouragement from friends, and the hope to succeed in these big dreams you’ve been hearing about recently, I have decided to be brave and try the Patreon thing.

Below you can click the image to get to my account which ask you to consider collaborating and supporting the work I do. You reward (other than the knowledge of the goodness in your heart) is exclusive access and communication, and if you want to be super generous, maybe even some artwork too.

I want you to help, if you want to be part of something, I would love you to consider being a patron. Those of you who feel like you can help out will get a perk or two: first view and access to my work and the ability to tailor it, challenge it, and become part of it. This is not a new way of creating or funding creatives, but in this day and age it’s fairly radical.

Be radical. Help me save the world.

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