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I tend to find I very rarely come into contact with music videos; although I hear the radio often enough, and I check out the charts occasionally, taking advice from friends and family about good tunes, music videos just seem to be the same old thing. If it’s pop then there might be a storyline but definitely not much of one, and hardly one you’d remember, RnB tends to stick with a little ass sticking to the camera and barely clothed women getting very hot under the collar for the latest guy talking about “hittin’ dat”.

I have also, sadly, often been one of the people longing for someone to make something better, both musically and visually, but even more sadly never had the talent for it myself. There has so far been one real exception to this that continually makes me repeat a video, listening to the same song again and again. In part it is for the music, but mostly the creativity alive in just a few minutes of film.

OK GO were introduced to me a couple of years ago, and to be honest, although they were a novelty I simply assumed it was a one hit wonder, and so after sharing it with a few friends I forgot.

Yes! I know! You've done this too!

I was seriously wrong in my assumption; over the last two years OK Go have surprised me again and again with firstly, some pretty good music, and secondly, more importantly even, the imagination that spills out of the videos is astounding.

I spent time this morning going through the history of OK Go music videos and exclaiming everytime that we couldn’t believe they had continued to improve and come up with something even more fantastical, even more amusing. With the most recent I am left with that same feeling: how are they going to beat this?!

So here are a few of my favourites (ending with my #1 ever!) from OK GO’s time in my life. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.


#6 End Love (June 2010)

I tried to stick to 5 but I just couldn’t leave this epic effort out!


#5 Last Leaf (November 2010)

I love the arty aspect of this.. plus I would’ve love being at the feast afterward!


#4 Here It Goes Again (July 2006)

If anything was going to get me to the gym it was the potential of this!


#3 This Too Shall Pass (March 2010)

The effort and organisation in this is impeccable! Don’t try this at home!


#2 White Knuckles (September 2010)

I just wanted to hug and adopt them all! Not the men you understand..


#1 Needing/Getting (February 2012)

This blew me away! I expected this to be a bit… awful, it actually has become a favourite song of mine. Creativity & attention for detail at it’s best!

If you fancy watching anymore of the wonderful and weird OK GO,
check out their website!

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