Nature Photography by Iain Challis

First time I saw this is took me a few seconds to realise what I was actually looking at.Suddenly I saw those eyes looking back at me through the lens.

I am a big fan of sharing art, and even more so when it encourages new artists and creatives in what they loves to do. I have already mentioned the photographer Gillian Gamble as one of my favourites, but recently another different type of photographic art has caught my eye: Iain Challis is a young British Nature Photographer primarily based in the beautiful scenery of Cumbria.

By following him on Facebook or Twitter (@IainChallis) you can follow his adventures, often at the very early and cold hours of the morning, creeping up on foxes, rescuing toads and newts from the open road, and catching a shy owl or two (see above).

Below are some of my very favourite of his images and there are far more on his Facebook page so I would highly recommend checking them out. Prints are available and would make an awesome gift (I do not say that lightly because you know how I am with accumulating stuff!).

The colours in this are just so vivid it’s almost hard to stop looking at those diamond-like droplets. The dark contrast behind is just gorgeous!
The clear soft green space works gracefully around such a delicate and tiny bird. It could almost be a painting.
My husband does not like bugs but it’s shots like this that capture the colour and beauty of creatures we literally swat away.
Despite being a wild animal, there is intelligence and sweetness in the face of this young fox. And those eyes!

Wonderfully he has agreed to photograph my daughters baptism this summer and I will be sure to share the results. In the meantime, Iain is open to all offers of photography and film projects, specifically this summer, and would love to hear from anyone with a fun suggestion. So if you fancy having some gorgeous photographs at an event, of a pet or family, or maybe you’d just like to commission a specific subject, get in touch. Just imagine what beauty he could find in the nature around you.

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  1. Purebudget says:

    Gorgeous photographs ! If you have flower beds, trees, bushes, or just wildflowers, you have many opportunities for some good nature pictures.

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