Mustard Yellow Photography: Smiles Behind The Camera

The first thing I need to make clear is:

Never work with children or animals!

Now, that said, if you manage to find awesome photographers who somehow know how to do both, really well, and stay smiley, grab them, keep them on speed dial, book events early, and thank God for their existence!

That is how I feel about Naomi & Malcolm of Mustard Yellow Photography. They are the smiling faces behind the gorgeous images they produce who somehow make you feel like they are simply friends who happen to be incredibly good at catching your photogenic moments.

I first experienced their skill at my best friend’s wedding last December. I was approximately two weeks post-partum, a (super sleepy and emotional) bridesmaid, with my little bundle in tow, another toddler in attendance, and only sheer determination and love of my friend getting me through until the end.

Mustard Yellow Photography were doing a full wedding service from early in the morning in two locations, onto the ceremony, then reception, as well as a photo booth set up for guests. It was incredible. At no point did I feel patronised, bossed around, or like a prop. Their aim was to create a wonderful memory of the day, and I am in no doubt that they succeeded.

Wanting to get to know them some more, and support small business, and because they were simply wonderful with my “little Superhero” dancing around high on sugar and music, we decided it was well worth trying to grab them for our second daughter’s baptism: an event we put almost more emphasis on than anything else. Technically, we set the date on their availability…

We threw a lot at them. Our event was outside in our garden, and followed by a buffet and garden party at my parent’s house next door. There would be adults, children, and animals, with a lot of food, probably alcohol, music, and likely (because of all of the above) chaos.

They took it in their stride. We laughed, joked, they calmed the craziness, and dealt with the multiple voices all trying to “help”. I was trying to think of the next time we could just invite them over to hang out by the end of the day; it is still my hope to reward them with cake as a good work bonus.

Honestly, I think they should charge more for what they do BUT so long as their prices are oh-so-low I thought I would recommend them near and far. As well as their amazing event photography they also offer a world of wonder in photography lessons, family/engagement/other photo shoots, and even stop motion wedding videos! So if you need an interesting, memorable, and oh-so-beautiful present I would suggest going to check them out.

You can find them on Facebook, and online, but in the meantime here are a collection of photographs I particularly love (and I’m finding it super difficult selecting low numbers of these already!). Enjoy!

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