Life Goals; A Revelation

I have thought a lot recently about what is important to me and attempted to figure out what I really want to achieve in my life. I have hopefully taken a small step towards one by jumping into Ceilidh & Cwtch – my attempt at making my art a source of income. This is scary and somewhat anti-intuitive for me because I feel I have been brought up in a culture (mainly through school but a lot in English culture too) that tells artists of any variety that they will need a “real job” to keep giving time to your “hobby”. This feels awful because I’ve found it hard not to be oddly ashamed and embarrassed at this move. I truly don’t believe that artists, musicians or actors deserve to be told that their talent isn’t worth much but I’m still struggling with this side of my choice at the minute. Still, it’s one move in life and I would always regret it if I didn’t try.

My revelation of these came pretty recently, and although I know these may shift and transform as I grow, I thought I’d share them. My goals range from the ambitious to the vague but I thought I’d share them with you to make you think about what you really want out of life, and maybe how you might start getting it.

1. To go back to University to do an Art degree.
Art was my first love, what I assumed I would do at University but things didn’t work out that way. I did an amazing degree and still kept art on the side and don’t regret a moment of it, but one day I do think it might be necessary to go back and spend a few years really grasping the art world in an academic sense rather than just creative ideas appearing on paper once in a while. I also think it will give me far more credibility when it comes to trying to combine by two joint passions: art and theology, in my next life goal…

2. To do a PhD in Art & Theology.
I have loved, since my first Theology lecture, how culture and specifically art echoed the beliefs and philosophies of people throughout our history. I would love to work on a PhD which could look more into how Theology practically influences artists, musicians, and the work itself. That might mean looking into mysticism, psychology and so many other areas, but I would LOVE it. The fact that the closest I can find to a course that might let me work on something like this is in St Andrews, my alma mater, makes it a beautiful prospect.

3. To write a children’s book.
Every now and again my mind (and sometimes my dreams) inspires me to write a short story, one I can imagine telling my own future children. So I wanted to put them together one day and see if I can self-publish or even see if a publisher likes it. I do believe in sharing creativity, and if it helps a child’s imagination fly on its own – GOOD!

4. To create an Artist’s devotional.
Again in connection with Theology and Art I have often noted the lack of a visual, artistic way to store visual devotionals. There are plenty of themed books around Bible in a Year, Celtic missionaries, etc, but not really an example where artists’ work can be shared and used as a tool to teach and understand the depth of the faith behind it. If I could even have a hand in working on something like this it would be amazing to fill a niche and help people work on their own creativity in this way.

5. Build my own house
As a massive fan of Grand Designs, Restoration Man and a number of other house-related design programs, it has long been a goal to design and build (obviously not every little bit – although…) my own home, where my kids could grow up, where I could take into consideration ecology and geography, security, design, our personalities, history, heritage and so much more. To have a house built for you and stand for years afterwards is an incredible idea, and I would love to complete it one day.

6. Travel
I love travelling and discovering new things, foods, places, people, cultures and although it goes a little slower with a husband who loves the poolside we have so many plans of places to go. The geekiest list so far has been inspired by Civilisation and we were actually really sad to figure out how many “greats” didn’t exist anymore.

So what are your aims? What is important to you and what do you want to achieve?

I have left off a number of things (particularly children) mainly because I wouldn’t consider many goals. Instead they are blessings in life. So please share your goals and ambitions! They can be anything – all in the comments please!

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