Joy & Tears: Selling Pieces of Art

I did not expect myself to be writing anything like this at this point in my life but I am hugely thankful for it. I have been designing poster for publicising theatre productions for a long time, and other events too, but never have I had someone ask to buy the originals. I learnt something, in that the two piece that were chosen were ones I spent the most time on and were some of my favourite pieces so far. Maybe “paint for yourself, you can’t please everyone” is a decent motto after all?

The two pieces I am referring to are the original A3 watercolour painting done for the audition poster of Shadowlands, and following that, the original A3 papercut (in fact my first attempt at papercutting) done for the final show of Shadowlands, at the Barron Theatre, St Andrews. The reason they were bought is that they are being donated to the C.S. Lewis Foundation, Oxford, when a scholar visits St Andrews on the final night of production. Sadly, I cannot be there due to work, but I am so pleased that something of me will be there, and more so, will be in The Kilns shortly afterwards. I also added a black & white A4 piece which was made up of photography and shadows, hopefully linking the two individual pieces together to create a triptych.

I don’t think I realised what the effect on me would be until I had framed them. Suddenly I was hit with the realisation that they wouldn’t be in my flat anymore, they wouldn’t hang on my wall, and other than photos they would no longer be mine. I felt, what so many artists must feel, as if I was giving a part of myself away. It has reminded me of a part of the Great Divorce, written by C.S. Lewis, where an angel speaks to an artist; what I took from it was the need to paint the heaven you see on earth so as to show others that glimpse too. In doing so I hold a strong connection to that aspect of God I have come into contact with, and to see it leave me is heart-wrenching.

However, I am glad to be sharing them, glad to be earning a little more for my husband and I to live on, glad that I have been encouraged in my passion/hobby. I truly hope anyone who sees them will enjoy them – I will hopefully be visiting The Kilns at some point myself soon, possibly a little to say hello to my creations. I wonder if that’s why God must turn up every now and again – His heart must because the bond is too strong.

This is a photo of "The Kilns" - C.S...
The Kilns, C.S. Lewis' house in Oxford

Shadowlands is on at the Barron Theatre, St Andrews, Scotland, on the 24th, 25th & 26th February at 7.30pm. Tickets are £5. There will be a audience talkback after the show on Sunday 26th. Hope you enjoy the show!

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  1. Cole Matson says:

    I appreciate you sharing the piece of yourself that is this art! And it will be going to a good home. When might you be going to the Kilns? The show went really well, and I know the reviewer is going to mention the poster in her review!

    Thanks again,

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