Jesse Duley: He Is The Music Man!

Jesse Duley’s music was part of my birthing plan for my first child, and despite the birth not going quite to plan, his album Woodenboy (which incidentally you can buy on a pay-as-you-feel basis!) continues to be our go to chill-out-and-get-the-girls-to-sleep choice. Other standout memories include walking up a spiral staircase into Kingdom Vineyard where he is the Worship Pastor and physically experiencing a wave of harmony wash over me; this is closely followed by being blown away by a new Christmas song he wrote whilst I was attending the University of St Andrews, so much so that I cried.

I rarely really cry. He also played at my wedding on the ruins of St Mary’s.

Are you starting to understand quite how amazingly talented I think this man is?

These memories don’t come close to describing who he is or what he has accomplished. He has been one of the warmest, most welcoming people I have ever known, and as a student he was one of the few people I felt able to debate with knowing that I would still keep a friend. He has cared for many, taught many, and holds such a focused dedication to his music specifically. Jesse studied Jazz (as you can tell from his super-speediness on his guitar) took part in unknown numbers of theatre and music performances, is about to undertake a collaborative theology blog, dealt and spoken on mental illness, AND he recently gained a 1st in his Master of Theology degree – the only one who doubted his abilities? You guessed it. Himself.

You can’t deny the man looks good in a kilt!

He also runs. A lot.

Jesse is understandably well-loved, and continues to inspire me from afar and I miss him a huge amount.

So why am I telling you all this? I am telling you this because you are likely to gain from supporting him. He is creating a new Christmas album, and despite my inner voices screaming that it is too early for Christmas-anything, even they can’t get me to stop promoting this:

The Jester’s Christmas Album: If you love Christmas, and you enjoy my guitar playing, this will be a treat you can enjoy year after year… with your help, it can get a tinsel-coloured makeover.

Here are the positives of supporting this crowdfunder:

  1. You won’t have to plan any Christmas presents this year – this will do for EVERYONE!
  2. You get to listen to something new, not the same old Christmas compilation of awful TV-made boy bands, but a true artist worthy of your ears!
  3. Your children (if you have them, babysit them, or just have to put up with them) can be swept to peaceful sleep on Christmas Eve by something gorgeous leaving you time to get everything done you planned to have finished weeks ahead and failed at.
  4. You will be ahead of the trendsetters who think they know of all the new music. They don’t. You have Jesse Duley on your music-player-of-choice.
  5. You will be supporting British, homegrown, incredible artistry, and in this dark time of arts cuts and political sadness we DEFINITELY need a bit of awesomeness!
  6. You will be part of building up this guys sense of worth – because he is worth a huge amount and needs to be told so regularly. It’s the law.

… I could go on but I’m pretty sure you get the gist.

Support Jesse Duley and his awesome Christmas Album.
Enjoy the rewards.
Have a very Merry Christmas.

The End.

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