Happy Mother's Day Treats

So having become one with my new husband I now had even more reason to remember Mother’s Day (partly because he wouldn’t). Therefore I decided it was better for the environment, my budget, and in general more personal if I were to make the gifts we gave. Here they are with a little description of each woman and gift:

Jane (my mother-in-law)

I think this went OK but I had designed it on card without realising that would be of much of a problem. The very thin lines also made it difficult but I also like the overall style of it. It’s simple but you know what all the bits are (or at least I hope you do!). I managed to do multiple colours by adding smaller squares beneath the daffodil cuts just to add some depth and personality to an otherwise work-focused piece.

My mother-in-law is one of those people you ask to do things because busy people get things done. She is currently working from home full time so is on her computer and the phone a lot. However, between phone calls and whilst she is making notes she also does all the laundry, and on ocassion gets herself involved in mammoth textile things (e.g. making my 5 bridesmaids dresses last year, and now her other son’s fiance’s bridesmaids dress, some clerical robes, her own clothes/bags/etc and anything that her mother might like). When I wrote about working from home and included a picture of what that can look like, she was the one I thought might appreciate it. So for mother’s day I created her own crazy workdesk set up: hairdryer at the ready, coffee on hand, computer and sewing machine on desk, under desk washing machine and dryer, slippers at the ready, and bag and keys on hand when needing to run out the door. The daffodils are because she’s welsh, and did spend the whole of yesterday shouting at rugby on the TV screen.

Trish (my mum)

Apologies for the wonky photo.

This was simpler to complete than the desk but more complicated to design. Overlapping layers of a picture meant having to think hard and focus about how far you were cutting one piece because it might be changing. The writing style is based on what I have seen from Rob Ryan and others but I felt that if I was going to have strings of letters, those strings needed to have a purpose within the context of the picture too.

When thinking of something for my mum I knew something pretty and relaxing was the way to go so I picked a bright yellow and designed something like a countryside fete view with bunting and nature in the sun. It does in some ways remind me of home and the garden where mum goes to relax. Flowers and animals have been part of our lives for a long time (possibly why I’m a little nature-deprived here in Dundee) and so it made sense that pretty would include wildlife.

Nannie Pat

 Nannie’s had to be detailed and feminine and sweet, so I went with sweet peas on a trellis. I left the pencil marks because I actually felt it looked better with them and added detail that I would’ve lost with just a papercut. Drawn on, tiny cuts of the flowers and then trying to cut the trellis and winding vines was difficult but I think worth it. I put it in a packing paper handmade envelope and sent. The close-up shows how tiny some of the detail was.

I have never been one for having one particular style and I’m not sure I could stick to one if I tried. I loved each of these for very different reasons, so maybe I’m just eclectic, especially when I’m inspired by a person.

Happy Mother’s Day one and all, and I hope you have a great and beautiful day!

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