Expanding My Writing OutPut: UrbanTimes, Motherhood Diaries & Knowle Parish Magazine


Writing was never my first passion, but it is probably my second.. my until now rather quiet second. I had always attempted to keep diaries, but mainly failed, and had even created what my English teacher has called “a very long short story”. I loved the idea of writing something for people and the wealth of amazing fiction and articles out there tended to keep me up reading way beyond my bedtime. Yet, it wasn’t really until February 2012 that I started giving it any serious time and even then it was probably more procrastination from work spurring me on rather than the need to write.

I find myself now lucky enough to have a great support network for my own blog, and the opportunity to write for others, so as I seem to be expanding my output I thought I’d tell you where else you can find my writing.

Motherhood Diaries Global Magazine

Those of you paying close attention may have noticed a couple of additional buttons to the side of my blog. The first of these is for Motherhood Diaries Global Magazine, for which I have recently been accepted as an author so you should be able to see more pregnancy/parenthood/baby related articles from me on there. Of course I will be linking to my articles whenever they are published, but I’d highly recommend going over to have a look.

The Motherhood Diaries Global Magazine was set up my former lawyer and mum-of-two Leyla Preston and she is aiming to present content from a wide variety of parents about the raw, honest truth about conceiving, pregnancy, parenthood and beyond. This sounded pretty good to me, and as you well know, I’m pretty darn honest about everything (whether you want to hear it or not), so I got onboard.

Website: www.motherhooddiaries.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MotherhoodDiaries
Twitter: @M_Diaries


Urban Times

The second button down the side refers to my recent “citizenship” with Urban Times. Now although I am hardly urban, and often don’t feel like “the youth of today” much anymore, I loved the aim of this website and magazine to present truthful, positive and inspiring pieces to counteract the gossip, the negativity and the complaining attitude of much of the world’s media.

Urban Times aims to be:

  • a home for optimism for “journalists, bloggers and thought-leaders who want to create insightful content, build a stellar reputation and drive change.”
  • to give its citizens “the power to drive solutions.”
  • to “tackle sensationalism and negativity in the media.”

To quote Ghandi “Mine may today be a voice in the wilderness, but it will be heard when all other voices are silenced, if it is the voice of Truth.”

So I decided I’d join them and see what a difference I could do. Some of the articles on the site are thought-provoking and intelligent. Feedback is also vital so if you feel like the journalist/writer did a good job – why not go tell them! In the next few days it’s my aim to really get a handle on Urban Times, and of course, I’ll be reporting back on how it goes.

Website: www.urbantimes.co
Facebook: www.facebook.com/theurbantimes
Twitter: @urbantimes

Knowle Parish Magazine

Although many may see this as far less glamorous than two online publications, Knowle Parish Magazine is to me, just as important. Local news in a small village is what keeps people up to date and feeling involved. Knowle is the nearest thing I have to a community right now and I am eternally grateful for it; although I am not as involved as I’d like to be, I keep up to date, I find out about what’s happening in the coming month, and through writing I am able to share my immature thoughts about appearing in this area with Bear.

Although it is run and funded by Knowle Parish Church, and run by the lovely Deb Ment and her team, they hope the community will see it as a gift, and so the content is not aimed at the religious or Christian audience: it is meant for everyone. I have submitted a piece about tackling the Clutter-Monster which should be appearing in September’s issue, and possible be sharing something a bit more personal in the months to come. You shall see a copy either by appearing in Knowle and purchasing a copy, or if I’m nice enough to copy it onto here.


All in all, I could be getting rather busy, but honestly I think I like it that way. Being a stay at home artist and puppy-mama can feel incredibly isolating sometimes. Being able to write letters, articles, and my blog is awesome because it gives me an opportunity to reach out of my confines and try to make a difference.

Have I told you all how much I appreciate you? Well I do, so there!

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