Decoupage Upcycling

Having done some decoupage of teacups before to hold little succulent plants I wanted to do something similar with teapots. My husband now want to keep the iPot, so it may be used for spare wires, usbs, etc on his desk, or just a pot for sweets. It’s something I love doing because it’s relaxing, but I’m also wondering whether anyone would ever want to buy one. I’ve used all sorts of things to plant in and I think there is s trend starting where old containers which aren’t being used anyway are used for such purposes. But if I started to sell them would that just be silly? What do you think? Anything interesting you have turned into planters? Let me know!

Also check out EKM Cronin Fine Art!  It has everything I’ve been doing recently and will be full of things in the months and years to come. Commissions also welcome

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