Why Are Your Pants Hanging in a Tree? The Critic Reviews Gambit


This was so promising. Unfortunately it became a film wherein the parts of the trailer I found hilarious, became very quickly parts of the movie in the first few minutes, with a few scattered in the next hour or so.

There are some really good name, and there were funny parts, I felt a particular fondness for the lion, but this lacked any real depth. Although we have a struggling Art Curator who hates his boss, we see very little of why he hates his boss.. other than a few angry insults. We also don’t see a huge amount of the antics he gets up to in order to keep his job long enough to get away with the con, or anything more than a tint of relationship between Henry Dean and PJ, which ends rather abruptly and with a confusingly vague statement.

It almost looked interesting when the twist came at the end, and although I love seeing if I can guess it I found it a little too easy and would be surprised if many viewers did not feel the same.

Colin Firth is good but has been type-cast. Alan Rickman is having fun in being a bad guy again but his character could have gone far deeper as things unravel. Cameron Diaz I felt was picked, although good in a few things, mainly because she can still wear hotpants and a cowgirl hat and get away with it.

I was hoping to be walking out painfully holding my sides together, and actually this just missed the mark. I don’t regret seeing it, but I do think it’s a shame of a result. Might be worth seeing when on at Christmas tv in a couple of years.

Rating: 1/5

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