Don't You Forget About Me; The Critic Reviews Pitch Perfect

There is always a danger with music/dance/performance-based films that they all end up feeling like an extra long-and-painful Glee Christmas special. On the other hand I have often felt the need to start dancing after watching Step Up, and this had a similar effect. To the credit of Pitch Perfect, they did with all the self-awareness available, make a few good jokes at Glee’s expense.

The storyline was somewhat predictable (girl with daddy issues awkwardly goes through college, meets boy, finds meaning, happy ever after, etc) and the humour, although funny at points, could have been more side-splitting. However, the point of this film is not the story, it’s the music, the mixes, the DJ girl behind it all and the performance. Having known Acapella groups well, known the work and the fun they put into every note, every step, every harmony, this is the point of this film, which is only emphasised by the gradual loosening of the tension within the Barden Bellas. One particularly nice touch was the link to The Breakfast Club‘s theme song, mixing it in as a sentimental offering to a boy, as well as quite a nice change from the “feminism-didn’t-happen” song choices.

This is better than I expected but still not a spectacular experience. I would happily listen to the music, but this probably isn’t one I’ll see again. There was a little bit too much repetition, which could have been the point, but if you’re trying to suggest what the group is doing is boring the audience, I wouldn’t bore your audience in the process.

Not a bad try. Still prefer The Other Guys though.

Rating: 2/5

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