Eat it! The Critic Reviews Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

I will keep this short.

Hansel & Gretel takes a well-known story and adds a sequel with a few strange additions. The propaganda that seems to have dusted recent films to teach us health/ecological/moral lessons has not missed this short film: there is this odd moment when Hansel injects himself with something and it is explained that as he was forced to eat sugar/candy/sweets lots by the witch when he was locked up he has been somewhat ill ever since and without the injections he could die. So they didn’t exactly mention diabetes but I would hope most knew the reference, and if they didn’t the message was clear “Don’t eat too many sweets OR YOU WILL DIE!”

Otherwise, there were some interesting twists particularly concerning the parents’ motives for leaving their children in the wood and never coming back. I won’t give it away but it was a somewhat predictable alteration and one that post-modernity would be proud of in its “don’t generalise or you’ll go to hell” point.

In general I did enjoy it, and it somewhat clumsily managed to still keep a number of audiences happy: Horror-fan? Have some creepy faces! Gore fan? Have witches exploding into bloody bits and bugs! A man? Have a pretty girl strip, get into a natural pool and have sex with the hero! Romantic? Have a little bit of cuteness to keep you happy between the fight scenes.

I do think I’ve seen better and for an 80(ish) minute film it felt rather drawn out, but for something simple and entertaining I was glad I saw it.

Rating: 2.5/5

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