Conversing With The Saints

So recently my work has been mostly about Saints. I have been researching St Chad of Mercia for a mural and icon, and I have decided to do a Christmas card design including a traditional representation of St Nicholas (otherwise known as Santa).

Both have been interesting topics so far, and the style is definitely forcing me out of my comfort zone. I am enjoying it though. So here are a few images of my work so far.

Only a couple so far but Chad needs a little editing, specifically to get him historically fashion-consciously accurate. St Nick I quite like and may well be visiting a few simple landscapes before he’s ready to be printed. We’ll see.

What is exciting is that I have been asked to paint a mural for a chapel, and have been offered lessons in how to truly paint icons which could be fascinating. I will keep you posted on my progress, and any knowledge inspiration relating to Chad here is much appreciated!

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