Ceramics by Absolutely Clay


Communion/baptism bowl

I came across Absolutely Clay on Etsy almost a year ago. At that point I loved the piece but bought it for a friend thinking the mediterranean colours and religious symbolism would be well liked as an ornamental artistic piece.

Since then the imagery and colour use stuck in my head so strongly that when I started thinking about commissioning a bowl for Cub’s baptism, I at the very least needed to ask. I’m so glad I did as I got to plan with the lovely Juliet, and really appreciate what she does.


The design process was based on my first sale, attempting to incorporate the roughness and symbolism, whilst including some of the gorgeous details from Juliet’s other work. Working through it all meant wandering through her other pieces and enjoying the discussions about the process of the ceramic artist.

Her shop includes the practical but beautiful everyday pieces, occasion-based candlesticks and bowls, and simple gifts like necklaces. The mixture of colours and texture catch the eye and brighten up what could be an ordinary bowl or mug.


I couldn’t recommend Absolutely Clay more, the entire process, the creative flow, the end result is all so amazingly wonderful. It seems that people don’t tend to think of ceramics when decorating with artwork, but this is a massive shame. By including a piece of Juliet’s work in your home you will have something unusual and individual to use and gaze at forevermore.


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