Caroline Challis: Professional Singer, Conductor, Animateur


Caroline Challis

Although I often comment and recommend artists via this blog, I seem to have wholly missed any musical areas of the creative world. This is almost unforgivable as I am lucky to know some great music-lovers and musicians.

To remedy this I thought I would introduce you to one of my very favourite people, one of my oldest friends, and possibly the most talented woman I know. Caroline Challis, as well as being the elder sister of the amazing Iain Challis I’ve written of, is a highly trained professional vocalist and can move from Opera (in a number of languages – dead and alive) to modern to Christian worship beautifully.

As well as performing solo she has been involved in choirs for a number of years and currently joins Serafine Chamber Choir and Pro North Voices. As if this wasn’t enough, she was awarded a scholarship to conduct, and works within education at Opera North to teach about music. Superwoman? I think so.

Caroline Challis in choir

What I find wonderful about Caroline’s passion for music is how performances and worship are inspired by faith and her hope to glorify God. When talking to her about leading worship she will understand the congregation, the theology, and the poetry of each song. Bringing them together you can believe you will enjoy the experience and come away better for it.

In the past she has also offered up her gifts as a servant to those who needed her, and it is hard to imagine a more beautiful gift for the soul. As a soloist at my wedding she performed a gorgeous unaccompanied piece that made my breath catch in my throat. Amazingly she has also been featured on BBC radio and is gradually appearing to larger and larger audiences.

Currently based in Leeds, Caroline is available to teach, to perform, and conduct. I cannot recommend her highly enough and have tried not to show too much of my own bias (on the other hand she’s Godmother to my firstborn so you can guess how much I love her).

If you want to learn more, click here and check out her monthly updates for performances and events.

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