Bubble Designs by Faye Porter

Today I want to encourage a wonderful woman called Faye, who is the founder of Bubble Designs. It might seem a little strange to be writing on behalf of someone who is (technically) my competition, but the truth is that she deserves praise for what she does, and what she does is incredible!

Recently, I designed a logo for Growbaby, a great little charity enterprise aiming to provide clothing and useful bits to families that need it. Faye then took that logo, added it to a couple of images, structured the information perfectly, and voila! A brand new, beautiful, Growbaby leaflet ready for the printers.

Also, check out this awesome charity on Facebook: GrowbabyRayleigh!

Recently Faye has been boosting Bubble Designs and she offering some great deals. She is hard-working, and seems to have an eye for really great design. On her page you can see children’s party invites, wedding invitations, welcome packages, event publicity, and it is all fantastic. Somehow she also manages to run a group for teenage girls, GLO, which aims to help them deal with the tough bits of life and really just spoil them. They all adore her and I’m not surprised! Faye is one of the sweetest people I know, and she really doesn’t give herself enough credit for the work she does. Please help me to support her growing business so you too can benefit from the shiny, colourful, sparkly-ness that is Bubble Designs!

Honestly, all I can do at this point is point you what she’s been up to, so if you want more from her click the image below.

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