Project Managing and Board Game Design


So a new opportunity has arrived for me to work on a board game. This definitely isn’t my normal project but to be fair the game is awesome. It also encompasses so many things I love: creativity, imagination and storytelling. The idea that I could technicaly be involved in a very popular game is awesome.


On the other side of things I have taken on at least a little bit of the project manager side and realised how much I have learnt of the last 5 or so years. I knew that delegation is the key and therefore, once ideas have been shared, design should be left mostly to the artists and designers. This is not for me to just grab control and never let go, but simply to allow the games creator to stop worrying about the pieces, the cards, the board, the box, the PR, and allow him to work on the content, rule book, copyright and play testing. Ultimately his is the most important job because if the game doesn’t work, that’s it!


So we worked out the parts each of us on the team would take responsibility, and allowed the creator to let go of the worries he was holding onto. It also means that the people involved in designing all these elements with me can just get on with it. We’ve gone through our list and know which order, we have fortnightly meetings planned, and we know the deadlines we need to meet.


We have some exciting plans as well, and because this game is so much based on the individual players imagination that it has also released the boundaries on how the box should look. We can really think outside the box because it’s a brand new concept, we can use our imaginations because that’s the point, and that is awesome!


It is amazing the things you learn when you’re not paying attention. It is also great to be released into new visions and opportunities.
Sometimes, life is beautiful.


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