Arty Party: Needle Felting

On a Saturday night I’m often in with my husband watching TV or a film, or just hanging out on a nice day off with some food and a chat. However, this Saturday I decided to join a good friend’s “Arty Party” in which we would all be taught a little needle felting. This really excited me as I had seen it done but never done it myself, so along I went wondering what I might come away with.

It was a ton of fun. Jaclyn Stuart had her first “ladies night” and it was a resounding success. Even if people were a little modest about their possible abilities, even when people broke a few needles, even when a few plasters came out to nurse a few stab wounds, there were smiles and laughter all round.

We were making birds, so started by choosing a colour and padding it in with the needle, matting the threads together, all within a template to give us a rough shape. Then came the wing shape on top, then any decoration. That makes it sound much quicker and simpler than it is, but not by much, because it was simple once you got into it and let you talk a little over a few snacks and drinks.

Here is what I created after a couple of hours and a little imagination:

A little rough around the edges but I like it 🙂

I might put mine on a hat with a pretty ribbon! I will show you the results if I do! I think it will be cool. I also had to show you a gorgeous little one made by another one of the ladies:

If you’re in Scotland and fancy a good night in with some friends (or even a fun activity for a group of kids – Jaclyn does kids time too!) check out Jaclyn Stuart. It’ll be well worth it and you get to keep your creations to take home. Bargain 🙂

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  1. Thank you so much for writing about the night on your blog. Wonderful!

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