Memorables #1

Having seen so many beautiful photography blogs I did not want to seem so arrogant to think that I could compare with them, yet, what I did want to show is some of the beauty of those situations around me where I have had my camera and have been lucky enough to grasp them.
Therefore, there shall from this point on be a few “Memorable Photoshoots” where I share with you a teaser of what I’m up to. I would love to see your comments and links to other photos/art that you think I might appreciate!


Painting of a Family

My explanation of this will not make sense to everyone. For those who do understand I hope this makes you laugh!

In a beautiful town on the east coast of Scotland is a University that has a big place in my heart; in that town I attended classes, found friends, took part in theatre productions, got married, and saw some amazing things happen. One of those amazing thing was see my academic family bloom. In the University of St Andrews each 3rd year (or 2nd Medical students) are allowed to “adopt” first years. In doing so they gain children, and sometimes husbands/wives. This tradition brought me into close relationships with some beautiful people: Jeremy, my only son and one graceful enough to accept my bashful request to be his mother; Catriona, whom I knew through an academic brother of mine and brought some Scottish blood to our mixed up family; Sharon & Bethan both who found me at church one day and who I saw get more beautiful the more I knew them; and Katie, who everyone falls in love with and could have appeared from some Irish fairytale.

One of the proudest moments in an academic mother’s life (there are many) are seeing your children adopt their own children. Sharon decided on many and came up with an amazing start to her Raisin Sunday adventure. I was asked to document proceedings and this was the result. I hope you enjoy!

It was an awesome rainbow family day!

P.S. All photos belong to me, please don’t copy or use them without gaining permission – it’s not very nice – don’t do it!

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