A Few Fun Comics

Oh, if only I were this cool!

I have not really been a comic kinda girl but there are a few which have made me smile 9 times out of 10. I thought I would share a couple with you, and publicise a brand new one created by a very cool friend of mine.

Firstly, PhD Comics!

Poor PhD students - at least their lives are amusing for the rest of us!

This comic looks at the lives of grad students in the good US of A as they struggle with professors, technology and their own poor will powers. Why not go hang out with Cecilia, Mike, Tajel and the nameless hero of the tale?

Secondly, the most famous xkcd!

How can you not love the little rambling thoughts of Randall Munroe?

XKCD updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and covers a range of subjects. Sometimes they are just silly, sometimes inspired by political goings on, sometimes they have repeating characters (as much as you can with stick figures), sometimes they don’t. I rarely don’t laugh out loud at these.

Thirdly, finally and amazingly, Will Power!

Will has been doing these for a number of years. I'm just hoping he's not going to stop any time soon!

Will Power is a quasi-autobiographical web series with repeating characters and ongoing storylines set in university. The website also contains a few amusing pieces that aren’t related to anything else and inspired by a number of strange thoughts in Will’s head. I’m not complaining! Updates come every Monday and Thursday.

These are three very different comics both in context, style and artistry. I enjoy them all and hope you will too!

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