Dogger, Shirley Hughes



Dogger & Dave, illustrated and written by Shirley Hughes.

7/52, 6th May 2014, Week 19 (about 11 books behind… but not for long!)

I’m reading to Cub and they are gorgeous books, some of which I love. Despite them being much shorter this is not a cop out: I do feel we should be discussing them with as much of a standard as you would in anything else. If you don’t want to read them – why would your child?

 For some reason this story always reminded me of where my Dad grew up in Liverpool. The imagery, names, and even small details, all hark back a generation or two in the best of ways. A child’s pennies could buy you a lovely toy at the school fair and it’s just as well.

The illustrations might be a little old fashioned but they are heartwarming beside a sweet story of a love of a little boy for his Dogger. I’ve read this many times and, once I learnt to take advantage of the emphasis of the sentences, it is easily a favourite.

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