300th Post: What Writing Means To Me

Sometimes the horizon is much closer than you think!

No-one is more surprised than myself that I have written 300 posts (this one included) since the conception just over two years ago. I had tried a tumblr account, pretty sure I have an online journal out there somewhere, and have attempted a dozen diaries over my lifetime and yet, nothing stuck. How is it possible that I have that much to say? Or somehow remembered the password? Or actually had the dedication to continue all this? Good questions, and not necessarily ones I have perfect answers to, but here I am writing again so I’ll dig a little deeper for you and see if there are any tips for a fellow wannabe-writer starting out.

I remember being about 3 or 4, in one of my earliest memories and looking at a letter my Mum had written. I couldn’t figure out what the shapes were but I was fascinated by the idea and so set about squiggling my own letter, sure of what it said even though I could not write and there was no skill in my actions. Reading it back, I grant you, was an issue but I was proud of my accomplishment; surely there was no difference between my letter and that of my mother?

In contrast I remember writing about the Greek gods and goddesses, and thinking how long a page of homework was. I worked hard but that A4 page seemed to stretch on forever whilst I sat in the library reading and copying down interesting facts.

What I am trying to point out is that at times in my life I have been an avid reader and writer, at other times I couldn’t imagine anything worse than a word count and blank page. I was more surprised than anyone when I started to really write on this new blog of mine, even more so when I wrote regularly. Looking back it seems almost unbelievable that I have written approximately 300,000 words, particularly as my University dissertation was nearer 15,000 and took me 4 months!

I think the key for me was to give up thinking about what people would like to read, and instead think about what I needed to say. Of course I thought about others but mainly in the hope that sharing my experiences will help others feel less alone. It was only when I just started collecting topics and ideas that I wanted to write about that this took off.

Since I started I have pretty regularly put my thoughts down and have felt the absence of it when real life took over. Do I consider myself a professional blogger? Not necessarily but it’s nice to think I’ve worked on something for so long when everything else has felt fluid and out of control. It has given me a space to be completely honest and so far I’ve had only love and support from the online community.

My hope is that I will continue to write, to learn, and to share. I don’t need more readers but all are welcome. I try to be careful about my privacy level and I hope I don’t go too far. I would like to shape it into something a little more ordered but creative, so hopefully you’ll see some nice changes in the future.

Most of all I want to say thank you. If you are reading this you are listening to me and in that small act respecting my voice. There have been times I have barely believed I had one yet you encourage me. This makes me a better person. Thank you.

I wonder if I’ve got another 300 in me?

Let’s find out.


Side note: I have been much quieter over the last few weeks due to a huge amount of jobs to do before Bear & I baptise Cub at the weekend. I will be sharing much more about this event but in the meantime you’ll have to forgive me. I promise at least one cake post to make up for it!


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