Out Of The Silent Planet, C. S. Lewis


3/52, 20th Jan 2014, Week 3

Forgetting just how intelligent Lewis is, this was a wonderful refresher into the imagination of such a great writer. It was impossible not to sink into such a fantastic world, and I was reading parts to Bear just to share how wonderful I found it. Details such as language, and how it can change the perception of “civilisation” gave me so much to think about, and despite it being remarkably short you feel for the hnau Ransom meets on his adventure.

I would recommend this to anyone, and personally will be starting the second in the trilogy in the minutes after I have finished this review. Science-fiction has this wonderful way of challenging the norms of life, and this was so subtly done so as to not exclude those who would read it without a philosophical mind. It would be far too easy to hope and dream that the descriptions were truth, and has so much to continue to think about, I will be enjoying this in my memory for a good long time to come.

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  1. Billie says:

    I’ve always wanted to read these – love CSL. Have you read Planet Narnia?

    1. EKMCronin says:

      I have, or at least skimmed it. Definitely need to go back to it soon though and put all of it together in my mind 🙂

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