30 Days: A Self Portrait

This is the final day of my self-targeted 30 Day Self Portrait challenge. Outside of simply gaining some intensive portrait practice I think I have learnt quite a lot. I thought I’d share a few of those lessons as well as a few of my plans for the next few months.

News: Again To The Books!

I have news! I think it’s exciting, good news, however, it does come with the disclaimer of: “Well, of course I’m crazy. But life’s more interesting that way!” Today plenty of students across the UK are excitedly finding their results, and then with whatever they find, hoping or searching for a place in their chosen…

Fighting Progress Bar Syndrome

Progress Bar Syndrome (PBS): the term I give to my wonderful husband when he happens to be so focused on fixing a problem (normally computer related) that he will want to watch it all the way to completion despite the final stages not requiring him to be there at all. It is very similar to…

Are We Getting Old? Couple In The Cotswolds

You know every now and again you’ll have those moments when you realise just how much time has passed since certain points in your life? For example, reaching the end of high school, or graduating, or when you first have to pay an electric bill by yourself. These moments seem to be the moments when…

New House Turned Home

Recently I wrote about our brand new rented house and our attempt to furnish it rather cheaply. I’ve learnt and accomplished a large amount in the last week and it’s already feeling wonderfully home-y. I thought I’d share a few lessons so just incase any of you go through the same situation in the not-too-distant-future….

Life Is Short

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt over the last year is that life is short. Sometimes it sucks. Sometimes it takes your breath away. No matter which it is, or neither, everything disappears into the past remarkably quickly. Funny example number 1 (I saw this on Facebook this morning): I know it’s a silly example…

8 Months Along

I thought I’d be as big as a house right now. I’d be finding it hard to get up and down our twisted steep steps. I would be making excuses at work about why I was wearing tracksuit trousers and stretchy tops instead of smart jeans and a shirt.. not that I’d need excuses.

Heritage and History

Recently I’ve been looking to the past. Not in a way that drags me down in regrets, but in a way that helps me find out where I’m from, where my family descended from, what they were doing, where they went and what they did. I wanted to be able to know for sure who…

24.04.12 Poppy Seed Fragility

I went walking before church on Sunday, again putting my good foot forward and making sure I get a regular bit of exercise. I was also a little nervous about meeting a lot of very excited lovely people at church as baby arrival is somewhat overwhelming to think about sometimes. I ended up walking around…

Babbling.. Not So Much

I recently read a very interesting article about an Opera singer who is on his 4th language (with pretty decent fluency) in as many years. This is something that fascinates me because for as long as I can remember I have been.. well, completely awful at languages. Here’s a quick history: