Bias Binding: The Effect of Gendered Clothing On The World

Here’s a riddle for you: One day a father and son are driving down a country road when they are involved in a dramatic and horrific car crash. The father is killed immediately and the boy is rushed to hospital unconscious. His injures are severe and so he is taken swiftly to the emergency room…

Not One Or The Other: Domestic Violence

We all know twitter can hold the best and worst of humanity in it’s 140 characters, but there was something recently that made me so mad and so sick I had to say something. Of course, saying something in 140 characters never really works, so instead, here’s my rant from September.

First Post Urban Times: Is It Sexist? Are You Sure?

So for my first article for Urban Times I decided to talk about a thought I had the other day whilst watching my twitter feed. Let me know what you think, I would love your feedback!Is It Sexist? Are You Sure?

Do Smart Women Have A Duty To Reproduce?

A friend of mine brought a news article to my attention recently and it made so many people so furious that I felt I should probably explain why it p***ed off so many people. The article pointed out that a researcher at the London School of Economics, Satoshi Kanazawa, who “found that a woman’s urge to…