Jesse Duley: He Is The Music Man!

Jesse Duley’s music was part of my birthing plan for my first child, and despite the birth not going quite to plan, his album Woodenboy (which incidentally you can buy on a pay-as-you-feel basis!) continues to be our go to chill-out-and-get-the-girls-to-sleep choice. Other standout memories include walking up a spiral staircase into Kingdom Vineyard where…

Still Learning

Over the last month I have learnt quite a lot about myself, particularly in the 30 Day Self Portrait Challenge, but sometimes life lessons come in smaller pieces. Mine surprised me in hindsight. I thought I would share them with you as I can imagine both are pretty common.

Happy 2015!

 HAPPY NEW YEAR! I haven’t written a post in a really long time, but it’s a new year and so I thought I’d start off with a look at the last year, what I managed, and what I didn’t, and what my plans are this year. My child is asleep next to me and so…

Caroline Challis: Professional Singer, Conductor, Animateur

Although I often comment and recommend artists via this blog, I seem to have wholly missed any musical areas of the creative world. This is almost unforgivable as I am lucky to know some great music-lovers and musicians. To remedy this I thought I would introduce you to one of my very favourite people, one…

As We Go: Listening Through The Cries

Recently I’ve been thinking about how we have been doing over the past 3 months with Cub. It has often felt a little like winging it. We read a parenting book before Cub was born but honestly it all kind of falls out of your head when you’re busy with a newborn.

Fighting Progress Bar Syndrome

Progress Bar Syndrome (PBS): the term I give to my wonderful husband when he happens to be so focused on fixing a problem (normally computer related) that he will want to watch it all the way to completion despite the final stages not requiring him to be there at all. It is very similar to…

Lullaby: Beautiful Options

It is remarkably instinctive to talk and (attempt to) sing to your child. However, it is also unfortunate that when you are finally in the position of needing to get your child to sleep it is likely that your sleep-deprived mind can barely remember how to string sentences together, nevermind what lyrics go with which…

New Year & Resolutions For 2014

This is the time of year that the internet fills with resolutions, challenges, advice, and leftovers from the feasts enjoyed previously. Although I don’t want to bore you all silly I thought I would think over, and write about, the lessons from 2013 and my hopes for 2014.

Urban Times: Music Impacts Children's Prosocial Behaviour

With some interesting information on BBC Breakfast, plus some help from my wonderful friend Caz, I decided to write this little piece to encourage support for the Arts and point to the awesome benefits to generations to come. If you’re interested, read more: Music Impacts Children’s Prosocial Behaviour.

A Few Things I Love About Pregnancy

So you know I am pregnant, and you know that in general I believe pregnancy to be an annoying, frustrating, and full of pain and suffering. However, in the name of balance, not putting all women of having children, and keeping everyone up to date I thought I’d write down some of the amazing, fascinating…