My 0lb Pregnancy

A large number of pregnant women will be concerned about gaining (and not losing) the weight common in pregnancy. The media floods us with images and criticisms of famous women pregnant and “fat/larger than life/ballooning” and shames those that don’t return immediately to their original size 0 model sizes. This means there are often articles…

Urban Times: Music Impacts Children's Prosocial Behaviour

With some interesting information on BBC Breakfast, plus some help from my wonderful friend Caz, I decided to write this little piece to encourage support for the Arts and point to the awesome benefits to generations to come. If you’re interested, read more: Music Impacts Children’s Prosocial Behaviour.

Questioning Nudity

In a study on Eve pre-Fall nudity plays a pretty large part, but I’ve been trying to come to it from a different perspective. I know that there will be some who condemn me for creating what some might call “lewd”, for displaying a woman’s form in all it’s beauty, because it might tempt men

Does Post-Modern Church Architecture Miss The Point?

One of the ideas I’ve been thinking about has been Church architecture and stewardship. I adore design and seeing how buildings can make people feel certain ways: a Gothic light-filled cathedral can remind them of the heavens; a simple tent can remind them of the Early Church; an Eastern mosaic-filled curved globe can remind people…