Needless to say (but I will anyway), I love cake. Not every type and flavour of cake, but most of them, and a lot of them. Yes. I love cake. Cake is what I make when I’m feeling sad, angry, happy, bored, and it was definitely something I was going to make for Cub.

Recipe: Cronin's Crownies

Over the last 6 months much of my cooking has been about making a lactose-free diet appetising for my cheese- and dairy-loving husband, Bear. This has been made easier by a wonderful variety of goat and sheep cheeses, creams and milk, but it is also wonderful to find products that don’t include the normal unnecessary…

Ravishing or Rip-off: The Handmade Burger Co.

Being a fan of burgers (can you tell from our last burger-related post), and having heard good things about the Handmade Burger Co. (hereby known as HB Co.), we decided that a Sunday lunchtime trip was needed.

Are Jamaican Me Pancakes?

Today was Shrove Tuesday in the UK. Shrove Tuesday is the day preceding Ash Wednesday which starts Lent, traditionally where there would be ritual-fasting, particularly of certain foods. Now this works wonderfully when you like pancakes, but it works even better when actually you don’t have much money, and no eggs in the house, and…