Challenge Day II: Experiment

  So this is a little random I know. But I’ve been walking past ducks and birds and nature and this is my first shot at just experimenting with the images in my head. Created using Pixelmator.. in about 15 minutes. Related articles Lacking Inspiration & Success Jealousy (  

Job-Seeking: Trying to find a specific needle in a pile of needles.

Recently I read an article which described an American Masters-degree holding jobseeker who, in order to grasp what his competition looked like, put a fake job listing on craigslist. Within 24 hours he had received over 600 applications. The people he was expecting for his run of the mill job were graduates, high schoolers, etc….

Herman Friendship Cake, part 1.

Herman Friendship Cake is a yeast based recipe where you divide up the mixture at the end of a 10 day process and give 3 parts (of 4) away before finishing and baking your cake. It means that the cake you bake will have had many people involved in the process and may have been…

Are Jamaican Me Pancakes?

Today was Shrove Tuesday in the UK. Shrove Tuesday is the day preceding Ash Wednesday which starts Lent, traditionally where there would be ritual-fasting, particularly of certain foods. Now this works wonderfully when you like pancakes, but it works even better when actually you don’t have much money, and no eggs in the house, and…