Winnie the Pooh & the Chickenpox Capers

A little flashback to a long forgotten draft that seemed too amusing not to share.

Life can be ridiculous sometimes. You know those days where you’re racing against the clock, have fifteen jobs to fit in simultaneously, and you only just make it, then slump against a sofa to recover? When you know it’s going to be “one of those days” before it’s even 9am? Well we’ve had those days every day for two weeks.

In that time I’ve experienced my two children (6m/o and 3y/o) enjoy the delights of chickenpox, celebrated two birthdays with crazy cake concoctions that may one day be blamed for a world diabetes epidemic, had our car have problems which resulted in us trading it in 3 months early (so as to beat a mixture of MOT deadline, potential car repairs, and deposits for a new one), then Bear’s bike decided to need repairing too, we argued with the insurance company who tried to charge us more money for less, I have a paper to write, illustrations to complete, bills to pay, food to create, house to clean, etc, etc, etc, ad infinitum. Oh and the politics stuff… *growl growl hiss spit*

I could whine and rage and complain but even in all this I know that I am really very lucky in my life. My two children have been remarkably cute, particularly when falling asleep whilst I dab dots of sudocream all over their spotty bodies, and their craziness is mainly funny. I have been trapped under one whilst the elder creeps around the kitchen, giving me heart attacks as I picture what she could be upto, and the result is that she’s eaten all our bananas. Next time it’s that she has got into the cupboards and, in true Winnie the Pooh style, found biscuits and honey. You feel for me right? How did I get her to stop at a distance you ask? Bribery of a Pombear delivery a la Nanny. Conclusion: my child is really a grizzly bear in a little girl’s body.

There have of course been moments I wanted to cry and stomp and run to the border, but then they hug me, give me slobber-wipe-like-kisses, and try to talk to me as if they are already grown.

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