UK TV Recommendation: Hairy Dieters

If there is one thing that I’ve struggled with all my life it’s my weight. The Lord knows there have been 101 tv programs over the years that have proclaimed there miracle cure for being overweight, told me I can cook myself thin, wear the right clothes to cover it up, or should go to the extreme of cutting out carbs/meat/bread/all of the above. None of these things have worked for me and have often left me feeling worse than I did before.

For once, I can stand tall and recommend a pair of men who are actually trying, going through the same thing many of us are, and actually have some good ideas. The famous Hairy Bikers, beloved by the UK and particularly my Dad, are often seen roaming the countryside on their bikes, picking out the tastiest morsels from our four corners and suggesting we do too. Although their food looked A-MAZING, I was always a little concerned about the (rather large) knob of butter that went in the pan, the hand full of cheese here and there, and the drownings of oil that went on anything that could’ve once been good for you.

Finding out that their own diets (not including the food they eat whilst cooking – as every chef does) reached a whooping level of 3500 calories a day on average, and contained 40% fat, they decided to change their tune. With a group of friends they’ve decided to go on a challenge of finding healthy recipes which truly allow them to enjoy food but still lose weight. Their aim: 2.5 stone in 3 months. Ambitious, but if I could do that I’d be bouncing off the ceiling!

Do they make me feel guilty, awful, and look down at me? No. They have owned up to their own problem and have bravely allowed the BBC to follow them on their journey. I think Bear and I might be joining them too. What about you?

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