Two Jobs: That's Nice

So finally our job-seeking struggles are over. That isn’t to say we are going to be throwing money around but it does mean we can actually buy new socks and maybe go to a movie once in a while (which as you may have noticed has been lacking a little as my last review was way back when).

Bear got a call today to offer him a job that he was actually not expecting to get. Hopefully this will boost his confidence, and even if it’s not the perfect career-making job for him, he can definitely gain contacts and find other directions while working. This means that come Monday we will both be getting up ready to go to work! Can I hear a hallelujah?

What I love about this is that we can finally start to give back to the people who have been helping us out so much. We can repay loans, get out of our overdraft, and help out other people who are struggling in this rubbish recession-ridden job market.

We can also start to allow ourselves a little bit of fun time, whether that be a cheap date night once a week, or a movie ticket on 241 nights. We’ll still not be splurging, but maybe we can even save up for a holiday next summer.

It also means that having lived the last few months feeling that I might have to bow out apologising to everyone for having wasted their time/got their hopes up/disappointed them, I now get to make roots here, knowing that we’ll be here for at least a year if not five years. Of course that scares me because I’ve never been grown up enough to have a five year plan, but it also helps me feel secure. I also don’t have to pack for a decent amount of time – which is, needless to say – awesome!

I’m not sure I can give much advice as to how we got here really. But here are a few basic pointers:

1. Pray
2. Keep applying despite lagging motivation
3. Go smart, on time, and make good conversation not just smart conversation.

That’s all I’ve got. I don’t remotely envy anyone still jobseeking.

BUT there is light at the end of the tunnel!

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  1. Pete Sainsbury says:

    Very glad! Say hi to him for me, and congrats. Pete S

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