Trying Something New: Bath Time

So I read an article on Offbeat Home about working/reading/having time in your bath. It was an advertisement for a “Butt Bench” which is basically a piece of wood across the bath which a book, your foot, or anything go can go on. Honestly, despite the glee of the author about how wonderful it is, I couldn’t help but say in my head “it’s just a piece of wood”.

However, something that did feel tempting was working in the bath. I often find myself with a little time for a shower before/after work, but I rarely get to enjoy a good bath. When I do I tend to have a rather damp, but well-read, book. Working in the bath would be more difficult with a Mac, and so if I wasn’t likely to buy a rather expensive piece of cedar/pine/mahogany/blah, I needed to find something to replace it and keep my Mac out of the water.

So I ran myself a hot bath, got a rather large, long wood-framed canvas which hasn’t been painted over yet, put a thin towel over the top, weighted it on the wall end, and got it. Once in a pulled the laptop over to me and had a surprisingly nice work time.

Floating there in the water was just nice. Warm water just softens the muscles up, and so you don’t get back ache, feel like fidgeting and have to maneuver every ten minutes. I was there for about two hours – it was amazing. I got a ton of work done, and felt relaxed after it. Who knew that could be a perk of working from home?

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  1. Interesting working environment, sounds as if it was worth a try!

    1. EKMCronin says:

      Definitely worth a try! If anything the steam can decking your brain.

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