Surprise! Surprise!


Over the past few days I’ve been planning a small surprise which came off last night, with a little stress, a lot of food, and a huge amount of laughter and love. It was in honor or my husband: a week early birthday meal in his favourite pub with as many of his friends as I could get hold of. I also tried my very hardest not to lie, but instead to just not tell him certain things.

For example: I had booked the Bell Tree, Broughty Ferry but yesterday morning, Murgy who was staying with us and knew about the surprise asked the two of us if we could go out to dinner that night. Hubby’s very first response was an excited suggestion of the Bell Tree, and that was that. I suggested an early-ish dinner (having planned for around 7pm), and he bounced around thinking of the amazingly yummy food he might have.

The lie part got a little harder when I was getting stressed at the last hour with transport and people issues. There was a point when I needed to back-peddle something I’d already said. A friend Graham was going to be in Dundee I said (true), I invited him to the meal tonight (true), we could pick him up (true and at that moment in time it was required). The next part was harder, Graham’s lift had been sorted and so we were no longer picking him up: Graham turned us down I said (partly true), he said something about Natural Selection (biologist answer and also true although not in context).

But eventually it was all pulled off. Not everyone made it, there were people I forgot to invite (fail!), but it was a good night. We turned up and one person jumped on Andy, then he got confused, then her saw 4 more coming towards him, and got more confused. Then I came up to him and said Happy Birthday and it hit. He was shocked and will probably never trust me again, but I think really touched by those who had come to celebrate with him.

Now, on the other hand, he doesn’t trust me. I mean, yes, I didn’t tell him things, and I planned stuff behind his back, but all for his own good, and out of love. I keep getting evil looks. That may last a while as his birthday isn’t actually for 6 more days.. and he knows there’s more coming…

He did get ice cream, cookies, cake, cheese and Glenlivet Whisky. How many men complain about how they get it?!

Wish me luck. Hopefully I’ll be able to be sneaky enough to do nice things, and yet not-sneaky enough so he doesn’t ever trust me again.

Mr C – I love you very much and I hope you enjoyed your night.

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