Short-term Pain, Long-term Reward!

Sometimes you need something steady as rock to feel comfortable.

The next month is full of hard work. Whether it’s working to earn a few extra pennies, or job searches despite the current economic state, or packing up our life together so far and moving everything down to Birmingham. It’s all just a lot of work. And it’s daunting me. We kept every cardboard box we came across in the first month or two of being in Dundee, knowing that one day soon we would be packing everything up and would need those same boxes. They are currently piled on top of wardrobes, and layered flat under beds, and it’s a little bit worrying to think that at some point filled boxes will also need somewhere to be piled up. Where? I don’t quite know.. we may well lose some window light as we box ourselves in, literally.

I’ve often felt at this time of year I needed to purge my possessions and I may well do so again. Even that is overwhelming. Do I go through all my clothes to see what I don’t need/don’t wear/forgot I had? Or do I start with the books that are piled on our one bookcase and on bedside tables? Could I bear to part with them? What about my art stuff? Or past work files – those I can probably send to my successor. I’m sure it’ll work out OK but where to start!?

My reward in all this is getting to a place that I won’t have to leave for a good number of years. Having moved at least once, if not twice, a year for the past 5 years, I will be glad to stop, make my nest, and truly be there. I haven’t felt like I have got too involved with my surroundings because I have always known I would be leaving shortly. This meant that I have held off on booking Doctors appointments, or getting gym memberships, or even in getting involved in clubs and societies (non-student ones anyway). I felt that it was unfair to get too involved knowing that a few months down the line I’d have to pull back my time due to exams and then the holidays. My plans for my long-term stay in Birmingham are much bigger. I want to tutor and teach, I want to study, I want to really get a grip on a church and a congregation to give myself fully. I want to learn from people around me and make some lifelong friends. I want to share my life with my husband and those I will be living with. I want to be an example to them and learn from them in equal measure. I am looking forward to a summer which doesn’t include moving and packing. I am looking forward to Christmases we might be able to host. I’m looking forward to really getting to grips with a space and how we live, without feeling as if we’re in someone else’s house. Yes, we still will be in someone else’s house. But this feel as if we’ll have a little more of an adult renting situation. We can have house pride, and enjoy our lives knowing we have longer to do so.

Just a mini plug for all those East Fife & Dundee students.

With students around the country thinking about their futures my only advice would be to look to the future. It is worth saving money where you can – you don’t know when you might need it, or who you might be able to help. It is also worth finding somewhere you can grow longterm, not just leave for something better, but grow into something better. Most of all enjoy your time, it goes quickly!

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