Sandy Baby: Easter & Eating

Easter Merriment. Copyright Shona McAllister 2014.
Easter Merriment. Copyright Shona McAllister 2014.

Day 4.

Easter morning had very little to do with restaurants or a café, but still had a lot to do with food – especially with three lots of family in the vicinity. First though, came the St Andrews Sunrise Service, a tradition in this beautiful little town where people walk to St Mary on the Rocks (the clifftop ruins which mark the first church in St Andrews legendarily started by St Rule/St Regulus, and where I got married!) for 7am to worship and pray in the early morning sun. (There is another lesser known tradition of people going down to the beaches to watch the sun actually rise on Easter day but with a 11 week old baby this felt like we’d be pushing it!) Cub, Nannie and I ventured out, and we managed a good portion noise-free. Cub then decided that sleeping through the second and third hymns was a good idea, and so she was cooed over quietly and then carried home for breakfast.

Again, although it is hardly a review I cannot write about St Andrews without mentioning the beauty that is The Kingdom Vineyard. We were late but in some ways I am glad: we walked up the stairs to the sound of voices worshipping like angels above. This is the place that was truly home in Scotland for over 4 years. We were welcomed in with open arms, showed off to the church as family, and prayed for with passion. It was also pretty wonderful to have the ability to pray for someone with a sleeping baby in my arms. Just awesome! The church community of St Andrews, in all denominations, is wonderful and we miss it a huge amount (despite our wonderful new church at home). With many hugs and smiles, we eventually made our way home to start lunch.

I had planned out a big meal of slow-roasted lamb and haggis (both obtained from a great little butchers on South Street called Minick of St Andrews), mashed potatoes with leeks, carrots, mange tout, and cabbage. It was all so tasty we barely made it to the pudding: two incredibly creamy and soft cakes from Fisher & Donaldson, one chocolate, one toffee fudge. They went down very well and I would recommend them to anyone – these weren’t even the pre-ordered variety!

Day 5.

With not many outside visits on Easter Sunday, and Monday being our departure day, I thought I’d tack the two together. The best way to end our trip seemed to be an extravagant breakfast in Northpoint.

We have been a fan of this place for a long time (before it started hanging the Will & Kate sign) and their food did not disappoint our memory for taste. Indulging ourselves with pancakes, malteaser/button hot chocolates, bacon, bagels and so much more, we joined once again to eat and enjoy. Unfortunately, this lovely little establishment doesn’t have great facilities for non-potty trained children. When Cub started to fidget, Bear took her to the bathroom and found a mat to change her on, but no surface. This meant the floor was the only option. We understand that the buildings in St Andrews are hardly big, but it was sad that there wasn’t a little more thought in this direction.

Before we leave St Andrews for good, I had to mention the amusing and sweet nod to the town cat. This is not a memorial (see below), this is not for a dead cat; Hamish is very much alive and enjoys patches of sun, warm corners, and little provisions of food from many people town-wide. The town and public love him and, however strange, I think it’s great.

Visiting Hamish. Copyright Shona McAllister 2014
Visiting Hamish. Copyright Shona McAllister 2014.

We gave ourselves a little time to wander up the Fife Coastal Path near East Sands, take in the sun, breeze and beautiful sight, then left full of great memories (and a lot of photographs).

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