Sandy Baby: Tasty Goodness

Anstruther Fish Bar. Copyright Shona McAllister 2014.
Anstruther Fish Bar. Copyright Shona McAllister 2014.

Day 2.

After a very comfortable night, Bear and I leave a happy baby with her grandparents for a lazy morning and return later with some of the best baked goods to be found: Fisher & Donaldson make some incredibly decadent cream pies, cakes and famously fudge doughnuts. This time we were mostly good though and brought back a couple of soft freshly baked loaves of bread. Cub gave us some very judging stares as we ate but one day we’ll let her taste it for herself.

We couldn’t eat too much though because we were looking forward to lunch at:
Anstruther Fish Bar

Despite Cub sleeping all the way through, this wonderful humble establishment is very family friendly. They have been given awards for many years, and often have queues of people waiting down the street just to take their food away, but they have kept the inside chilled out and low-key. Tables were moved for our large number and we sat down to some great food. We giggled at a very happy baby on a table nearby in a high chair, and heard laughter from happy children elsewhere – hardly surprising with the amazing ice cream which followed. Wonderfully, they had also put aside some liquorice ice cream for my Dad as a special birthday treat – we love them very much.

Later in the day was another treat for Dad: St Andrews Brewing Co. Tap House

This little pub probably gains more faith from me that it will succeed than most new businesses. Why? Because this is not just somewhere to get drunk, in fact they don’t want you to, it is somewhere you can taste new things and enjoy the variety and skills behind each ale, gin and whisky available. Knowing this I wondered whether a breast-feeding mother and baby would be welcome. Instead I was welcomed, talked to with friendly interest, Cub was cooed over, and despite being a bar we were not kicked out! Being tee-total I can’t tell you much about the choice except that the rest of my group were a VERY happy bunch and returned at least once more in the following couple of days.

P.S. They also do Tapas! Yeah they do!

Outside Mitchells Deli, Copyright Shona McAllister 2014.
Outside Mitchells Deli, Copyright Shona McAllister 2014.

We wandered from the bar, round the corner for dinner at: Mitchell’s

A favourite already, our dinner was lovely – although I do find it funny that a (very tasty) meal that included bacon, chicken, potato and poached egg can be termed a salad. We were a little bit awkward on the provided seating because as someone holding baby I kept feeling like I would slip off. However, when it came to changing Cub, again a beautiful hamper of nappy related goodies awaited us. Yay! The food was good but it is the little things that make it that little bit more special. One of these was a girl playing acoustic guitar and singing; although normally provided for background music she received a well-deserved round of applause after each song. It was a great choice of set list as well causing Cub and I to boogie on out seat and sing along. Bear also danced up and down the aisle with her which probably gave at least a few people a giggle over their dinner.

Again we walked back to bed in the fresh, cool nights air with full bellies and hearts. Tomorrow we would need a lie in!

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