Sandy Baby: A Breezy Arrival


St Andrews town horizon from the Fife Coastal Path near East Sands. Copyright EKMCronin 2014.

Day 1.

We arrive in the windy but beautiful Scottish town of St Andrews having watched the horizon of towers and stone from a distance for the last few miles. Each day we will be reviewing where we go, the food we eat, etc, all in relation… to Cub.

Although we love this town from past experiences, having a baby changes how you can enjoy things. Simple questions like “Can I change her nappy easily here?” or “Will I get nasty looks for having a crying child in my arms?” make a big difference to your enjoyment because the more adaptable a place is the less work you have to do in order to have a calm happy holiday.

So first we have: The Keys

Although in general a friendly bar, for the locals mainly, we hit a road bump almost immediately: no babies allowed (even sleeping ones). This meant this review is pretty short as Cub, Bear and I had to leave. We left the rest of our party there as they needed a sit down. Apparently the beer wasn’t amazing and a large group of smokers filled the place from the doorway. A sad start really.

Simultaneously: Beanscene

A popular student haunt, open later into the evening, this was our shelter. Bear and I sat on a comfy sofa, ordered two hot chocolates and Cub decided she was hungry too.
Breast feeding in public can often feel very awkward. Not at Beanscene! One girl came over with our drinks and didn’t bat an eye instead commenting on how cute Cub was! That was the best thing she could’ve done because she made me feel welcome and normal. Two tasty drinks later, happy baby was ready to journey back into the evening.

It should be noted that St Andrews is a small place and it rocks. We left a number of years ago and yet we still managed to bump into a friend walking down the street within 1 minute of being outside. It’s amazing to have that kind of experience after being away for so long.

The Dolls House, St Andrews. Copyright Shona McAllister 2014.
The Dolls House, St Andrews. Copyright Shona McAllister 2014.

Dinner time: The Dolls House

We expected this to be difficult but it was a great surprise. Part way through our meal the dreaded nappy change was required. What Bear found blew us away. Not only was there a changing table available but a basket with spare nappies, wipes, talcum powder, etc, all there to use when necessary. Having been caught out on more than one occasion it’s great that a restaurant can make us feel so welcome and supported. The steak was incredible, the pigeon starter interesting and tasty, but the chicken dish that my sister chose was.. odd. Overall a good night though and wonderful after a long day.

We wandered through the lamp lit town wide-eyed and full. We slept soundly in our warm beds that night.

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