Pumpkin Cake: Oh Joyful Vegetable!

Look what you could attempt if you made the puree from scratch?! So cool! Pumpkins are cool!
Look what you could attempt if you made the puree from scratch?! So cool! Pumpkins are cool!

I have been promising this recipe to a number of people for awhile now and it even converted someone who didn’t like cake. The muffins managed to tempt (and continues to win over) 3 boys who were not keen on trying pumpkin, and personally I think it can be worked into so many different seasons to feel unusual and special.

Cupcakes were the first way I ever tried to bake pumpkin (excluding a traditional American pie) and were inspired by a wonderful housemate of mine whilst in university. I can’t say I followed her recipe but I have been striving for her perfection for a long time – to be fair she was American so I think it’s in her blood! My cupcakes tended to come out a little flat and very soft. I’m sure I haven’t tried hard enough to find a fluffier variation but pumpkin is such an interesting ingredient I have had a bad attempt.

Muffins were far more successful because I was aiming for a little moistness and some bouncy texture. I used porridge oats along with the flour and these because little orange mountains. I never used as much fat and sugar in these as I would in other muffins because the wet puree compensates; this makes them much better for you and so obviously that means you can have a few more… maybe… sometimes…

Cake has by far been my most successful. In loaf tins and large round cake shapes, this cake has been moist, dense (in a good way) and never too sweet. I combine it with a goat’s cream cheese frosting and sometimes blueberries (a number of other seasonal fruits would probably work wonderfully too) and it goes fast. It has never been a tidy cake of mine for this reason: if it’s warm and the frosting is dripping over it it is incredible and tends to not last for much longer than 1 meal with the 6 people in my household. Piggies, I know!

I eventually got round to writing my loose instructions for Pumpkin cake as a dedication to my wonderful friend, and Godmother to Cub, Susie. I share it with you now in celebration of her gingerness, her sweet nature, and her amazing way to make me (and seemingly everyone else around her) smile!


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  1. Suzie Hill says:

    Thanks Elle!! You are heavenly 🙂 Rob was very excited to see the recipe in the book.. He ate a lot at Cub’s baptism! I will be attempting it soon… 😀 xxxx

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