No Place Like Home

Copyright EKM Cronin

Home has been a strange place for me for a long time. I have only ever felt homesick once and ironically that was while I was on holiday with my family in Wales for two weeks. I went back after one week and spent a week just me and my best friend. I have been travelling and loved all the amazing places I went, and I never felt like I really belonged. Not that my family weren’t lovely, but I never considered Essex home.

But when after trauma, work, stress and busy-ness, I felt like running home I couldn’t quite figure it out. It was like I had been pushing everything down until I was somewhere I could just let go and relax. Maybe it’s some instinctive grouping thing inherited through humans but as child run to their parents, people go to other people, I needed to get away from daily life and rest in place I had grown up.

I decided to take some photographs of parts I really missed about living in the country. Mostly it will be nature-based, just driving through fields was enough to make the tension lift off my shoulders. I do miss the country, but here’s a little bit of it to share with you all:

Flowers over the porch. Copyright EKM Cronin
Pansy. Copyright EKM Cronin
Ladybug. Copyright EKM Cronin
Dad’s toys – Copyright EKM Cronin

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