2 Weeks No Mac No Blog

I’m not a hugely techno person. I have a husband who is though. We also have the creature comforts of a 21st century life, one particular one being my mac of five years which allows me to specifically write this blog. When it came down with a temporary coma which meant I couldn’t really do anything with this blog. A shame really because I do miss writing.

So here’s a quick update as to anything that has really happened over the last few weeks:

– I have lost another 1/2 stone! Plus some! Woop! Anyone that knows me will know that me losing weight has always been a battle, but somehow things have been working. I do worry a little though that maybe my natural calorie intake is just very very low. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pleased with the progress, but it’s not a big difference for the amount of change in my diet.. what happens if I can never eat a cube of chocolate without gaining a stone!? What about mince pies and Christmas dinner and pumpkin pie!?! Well I guess we’ll see!

– I have been designing lots of awesome publicity, mainly for Christ Church Summerfield, and have really enjoyed getting my creativity out and about. Might even be having some fun with some CSLewis-themed publicity soon! Yay!

– I have cooked some awesome food (which may get on the food diaries soon) including Corfiot Lamb Kleftico, Chicken and Haggis Pie, Apple Crumble & Apple Cake with meringue topping. They were yummy (even if my portions were a little small) and I’m planning another mouth watering treat this week – I’ll let you know.

– Teaching has been good although evening classes have sadly been cancelled due to a lack of interest. In general this is a shame as the class I led with my housemates was really good.

What else..

– Oh yes, budget has gone down the toilet. Not sure now but I guess that’s just proof that everyone can make silly decisions sometimes. It may take Bear and I just a little bit longer to get where we want to be. More on that to come..

Blog entries should be catching up soon. There is some exciting stuff in the pipeline, so watch this space. In the meantime, hope you’re all having a great weekend!

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