Moving To A New Home

On Tuesday, 2nd July, I arrived a day later than my husband to my new home. After moving a stupid amount of boxes I found myself in a quaint but rather large loft conversion with views stretching over the rest of Birmingham to the north. That view is spectacular and I have hugely enjoyed waking up to sun (and rain) over that landscape. Looking out the window to see Amber Pickles, an adorable young dog from downstairs romping around the garden, and looking mystified at the head popping out the rooftop to say hello was a great start.

There is obviously so much to do but I really do feel positive about the next period of my life. My husband applied to a job, got so close to gaining it, but I think really got a connection to the style of work it entailed so now has a more fully formed idea of what he wants to aim for. I on the other hand am weighing up the need for a job and the time required for my studies – I do not want to be so overworked I go a little crazy and never see my husband. That would be bad. I also have art to consider. I’ll keep you informed as to what happens with that one.

The other area of this point in my life is our involvement in benefits. I was hesitant to mention that on this blog, but then I realised that actually it just means that I too, along with many other people, am really human. Sometimes we struggle. Sometimes life is tough. I am extremely lucky in so many ways and God has been good to me. I never aimed to be on Jobseekers Allowance but despite our savings over the last year, it was necessary to sign on in order to pay the bills, our rent and actually eat. Ironically, it was around this time David Cameron decided to complain that anyone under 25 shouldn’t be on benefits because they should all be living at home with their parents.. I get that the level of dependency of benefits isn’t good, but I’m not sure that the majority of benefit-users actually want to be on benefits. It is a strangely depressing process walking into a Jobcentre in order to prove that you are, in fact, actually looking, and you are actually trying to get a job. I can barely take money off my parents, never mind some total stranger. But anyway, we don’t want to be on it for long and hopefully we shall both be back in work. Prayers are very welcome.

New College is also moving premises and it’s very exciting to wander into a new area and see books and furniture being arranged to create a space to help people. It has meant that our friends the Pickles have been moving for about a week now and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be finished anytime soon. Come September on the other hand it will be amazing and ready to start a new term! Have to say I’m a little nervous about teaching, and possibly more nervous about studying again. I’ve had a strange feeling people think I’m more intelligent than I am, and one day someone will find out. I’m sure lots of people feel like that but it’s not the best time for it.

And finally, Birmingham seems to have some sun. After the wettest June nationwide, I think everyone is hoping for some actual summer time out in the garden with strawberries and Pimms. Not sure we’re quite there yet but here’s hoping. Sun always makes a home feel nicer. Plus the sun is helping my chilli plants! Current total: 4 chillies, 2 peppers!

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