It's Not Easy Being Green

So living in Dundee is quite nice sometimes, other times it’s ridiculously sad that I only ever see bricks, concrete and grey out of my windows, plus a few drunken bar-crawlers wandering by. To get over this, particularly after having lived in deep country, and then between the sea and a big, beautiful green park, I started growing plants.

One day I will live in a house like this!

Some of these plants were functional, others were just pretty but as Spring blooms so does my flat. I have snowdrops (and soon bluebells) appearing gradually in my window boxes; I have peppers (2 varieties + chillies) growing from recycled drinks bottles; I have children’s wellies (wellington boots for those non-UK-ers) with sweet peas growing from them.

This little bit of nature has cheered me up each time I have walked into our living room. I get excited when I see a new shoot, or an extra long tendril wrapping itself around the woollen net. As the sun shines in I am glad that it is helping something other than me to get stronger. I also get excited about the day coming when I can pick the chillies off my plants and make Thai food!

My way of being green fingered isn’t the normal way, nor has it been really easy, sometimes it’s been really frustrating, but gradually I am seeing the fruits of my labour. Here is a little gallery of my little piece of paradise.

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