An Important Haircut?



As well as linking you to my new Urban Times article, I thought I’d add a little bit more personal to my story of losing quite a lot of weight, from my head, in hair.

An Important Haircut

I donated my hair to Little Princess Trust. That is probably the most feminine sounding charity I have ever been involved with but I think it’s important and they also help little princes too so it’s not too sexist ūüôā

The reason I started doing this is because although I knew I wanted a change, part of me felt odd doing it just for me, and so I researched whether anything could be done with my home-grown locks. I found Little Princess Trust and they explained that wigs are generally expensive – this is hardly surprising – a good friend of mine has a B-E-A-U-TIFUL head of wig-hair and I didn’t know it until she told me. That kind of quality takes time and skill and well… hair. So although I could’ve just sent a cheque or a collection of friends donations, that would have felt like throwing money at an issue, and instead I decided to make a slightly more dramatic change, cut far more off (at that point I donated 14 inches) and give that.

From that point on I decided, and God seemed to confirm, that instead as seeing my hair as simply “mine” I would attempt to treat it as a gift lent to me, and if I could do something good with it for someone else, like Rapunzel, I would sacrifice my self-image and hair to help. Since then I have been careful not to dye my hair (which has definitely helped my budget), as well as choosing styles that don’t require too much trimming once they’ve grown out. The more I can grow the better.

This may sound like I’m treating my head as a crop, or self-righteously proclaiming judgement on all those men and women who would honestly cry themselves to sleep at the loss of their gorgeous curls. I honestly don’t mean to and I do understand the sacrifice. I have never felt comfortable having my haircut, but it was something I felt I could do. It also helped me deal with a number of body images I had because by treating my hair and body as on loan I have been able to retrain my brain to see it as useful and good, rather than “not quite model-like” or “could-be-nice-if-I-“insert miracle cure of beauty magazines here”. I did it for my own reasons and it makes me feel happy that I can help a child.

If this isn’t something you could do, there are other options. If Little Princess Trust sounds like something you’d like to support you can donate, fundraise, etc, and that would be amazing!. On the other hand I would want to support all those who find other people, places, or situations that need their help and is calling to them, and do that. I find it repellent when people claim one charity is better than the others and therefore deserves more support. The truth is that what the world needs is people passionate to make things better, pick a passion, and get on with it. Little Princess Trust is something I feel I can help, as is talking about depression and mental health, as is adoption (of children, animals and really anything else needing love). What’s yours?

Here are a few more fun images of my new “do” plus a couple of how long my hair was previously:

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